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Inquiry re: Sandia Crest House Winter Schedule

 On Sat, Aug 22, 2015 at 9:34 AM, Doug H. wrote to Andy Mayer, Owner of Sandia Crest House:

 Are you open in December? If so, what are your hours of operation? Also, how easy is it to photograph the three rosy-finches? Thanks.

 On 8/27/2015 9:35 PM, Andy Mayer replied:

 Hello Doug,

Just today, we were once again attempting to come to a conclusion on the winter hours for the Crest House.  Not sure what the hours will be at this point.  The finches come and go.  Ken Schneider would be a great resource on the likelyhood of sighting all three since he was instrumental in establishing them at the Crest House!  I'll copy him on this e-mail.


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Hi, Doug--

Generally, all three species of rosy-finches are present by mid-December. In past years the feeders have been put up in the beginning of November, and the first finches generally arrive within the first week, but sometimes only one or two species in low numbers.

Although the pattern of abundance of each of the species is quite variable (and one year the Gray-crowned species was very rare), all three species are usually reported into early February.

When the Crest House is open, the deck feeders may be viewed from inside, but the lower feeder to the east of the building is easily viewed from the lower parking lot. Since the flocks often roost in nearby trees, there may be other photo opportunities nearby. Light conditions for photography are best in the morning, as the sun moves behind the feeders later in the day.

As information becomes available I will post updates on the Sandia Crest Birding Forum.

Good birding!