FEB 20 Banding: 51 captures; estimated 150 in flocks

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FEB 20 Banding: 51 captures; estimated 150 in flocks

Report from Nancy Cox of Banding Team:

Sandia Crest Rosy-Finch banding project report February 20, 2017

We newly banded 9 more Rosy-Finches.  Eight were Brown-capped and one was a Black Rosy-Finch.  We recaptured 42 Brown-caps, 8 Black Rosy-Finches, and 2 Gray-crowned (both Hepburnā€™s) that were previously banded.  One Brown-capped was originally banded in winter 2015/2016.

We estimated well over 150 Rosy-Finches.  Brown-capped continue to be the most abundant consisting of 80% of our captures for this winter season followed by Blacks and a few Gray-crowned.

The road above Capulin Springs was snow packed this morning but was plowed by the time we left.  
Thanks to the 7 volunteers we had today.