Banding on Wednesdays -- First report (70+ Rosies seen)

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Banding on Wednesdays -- First report (70+ Rosies seen)

Nancy & Steve Cox of the Rio Grande Bird Research banding team write (DEC 8):

Hi all,

Today was our first time for banding on a Wednesday.  It was very different from banding on Sundays.  There were a few birders but not as many as we see on a Sunday. We also did not have as large of a banding crew.   Thank you Karen and Laurel for showing up and helping Raymond, Amber, and myself.

We newly banded 10 Rosy-Finches.  We managed to band one Hepburn's, 3 interior race Gray-crowned, 1 Brown-capped, and 5 Blacks.  We also recaptured a male Black Rosy-Finch that we originally banded on January 30, 2011.  We were kept busy by recapturing 11 other Blacks from this season and 4 Gray-crowned (interiors) from this season.

We saw as many as 70 birds when we first arrived and as we were packing up our equipment we saw at least one more Hepburn's that was not banded.  Maybe next time - which will be Sunday the 13th.

We will not be banding on the 16th (next Wednesday) since that is the date for the Five Points Christmas Bird Count.

Raymond will be sending out our banding schedule soon. [It is posted at this link]

The road up is fine but the downhill lane is icy in spots.

Nancy & Steve