Banding Report SUNDAY DEC 6--44 captures including 20 GC!

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Banding Report SUNDAY DEC 6--44 captures including 20 GC!

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Nancy Cox reports DEC 6):

Most of the crew went up today expecting a slow day - no fresh snow, sunny skies, etc.  Boy were we wrong.  We banded 20 Gray-crowned Rosy-Finches (all interior race), 14 Blacks, and 8 Brown-capped. Steve was catching 9 - 11 at a time.  Good thing we had several banders.  We have now banded 73 birds this winter.  It is the first year we have had Gray-crowned Rosy-Finches representing more than 25%.  This year the represent 26%.  We have only had 2 seasons in the 24-25% range.  Even though we only banded the interior race today, we are still seeing Hepburn's.

We also recaptured two more Blacks from previous seasons.  One was originally banded on January 11, 2015 and the other one was originally banded on February 10, 2013.  It is now in its 4th year.

In addition to banding 42 Rosy-Finches, we also recaptured 3 Mountain Chickadees that we originally banded in the winter of 2011/2012.  That is the season that Andy Bankert helped us band 56 Mountain Chickadees at the Crest House!  Steve couldn't resist pushing the button on the chickadees since he knew we had not banded any Mountain Chickadees up there for several years.  Thanks, Andy.

It was also nice to get these Mountain Chickadees since it provided Mira her first time having a Mountain Chickadee in the hand.

Road conditions are good.

We are planning on being up there this Wednesday.